Bad Idea? #11

Something for Instagram or Snapchat to think about. Geo-specific filters for the camera on your phone. 

Imagine you’re at the zoo taking pictures and you get to choose a filter showing you in the lion or monkey cage. Or if you are at a theme park and you could make your own souvenir picture. Maybe you are at your local sports stadium, again you could add your self to a team picture or add a team jersey or hat to your picture. 

We have the technology, let’s make it happen. 

Bad Ideas? #5

I’ve been rewatching Daredevil on Netflix. If Disney ever decides to open a Marvel theme park and doesn’t have a consession stand in that park that sells Elecktra’s Nachos, I am goin to be very disappointed. 

They would have to be extra spicy with a good kick. They would need a red sauce of some kind and black beans, or maybe refried black beans. 

Someone should get to work on this.