Bad Idea #12

We can track our packages, right? Why can’t we track the truck that has our package on it? I know that there are some trucks out there that have a GPS system on them that can be used by the company that owns/operates them to show where they are, why can we have access to that? 
We’d only need access if our package is on the truck and access gets cancelled once the package is delivered. Or have the delivery guy scan the next package he is delivering, that gives temporary access to the recipient, again once the package is delivered, access goes away.
I’m sitting here waiting for a package to arrive and the weather sucks, I would like to know when the truck is in the area delivering so I can be here to grab the package before it gets too wet. 
I have a dog who loves to bark when the doorbell rings, can’t I get a notification from the shipping company when the truck is within a few miles of my home so I can grab the package before the delivery guy can ring my doorbell and keep the god from waking up my kid? 
Let’s work this one out folks! 

Bad Idea? #3

After years of vacationing in Michigan and having to travel through the messy roads of northwestern Indiana I would like an express bridge from Illinois to Michigan built. No exits, no semi trucks allowed, could be a toll situation could be free. 
I would love to not have to sit through the constant traffic mess that is Northwestern Indiana. It seems that they have been working on 75% of the road from the Illinois boarder to the Michigan boarder for the last 20 years. A bridge or just a multi laned road that bypasses all of that would be great.