Bad Idea? #3

After years of vacationing in Michigan and having to travel through the messy roads of northwestern Indiana I would like an express bridge from Illinois to Michigan built. No exits, no semi trucks allowed, could be a toll situation could be free. 
I would love to not have to sit through the constant traffic mess that is Northwestern Indiana. It seems that they have been working on 75% of the road from the Illinois boarder to the Michigan boarder for the last 20 years. A bridge or just a multi laned road that bypasses all of that would be great.  

Bad Idea? #2

How about and app that works with your map app of choice that tells you what radio stations are available on your road trip and when you should switch from one to another. 

Just plot your route and you get your directions and a list of stations. “In three quarters of a mile switch to 103.7.” Make it customizable so you can pick your favorite genre for the whole trip. 


My friends and I grew up in a time before you were awarded just for showing up. You would only get a trophy if you were the best. You would only get awarded for succeeding, in more than just arriving. 

We have come to call these awards for participating, or even being rewarded for failure, lackolades. The last place trophy; lackolades. High fiving after a strike out; lackolades. The fist bump for missing a spare, lackolades. 

As time goes on more and more people are being made to feel good for not succeeding, hurt feelings done feel good and losing doesn’t feel good so we should make people feel good by celebrating what they can do instead of what they do well.