Bad Idea? #14

Who else wants a dog poop Roomba type thing for your yard?

My wife is always complaining about how long it takes me to mow the lawn. One thing that would speed things up would be not needing to seek out and pick up the 💩 from both of the dogs. It would be nice to just program a “yard Roomba” to do that part for me.

If it could be combined with a lawn mowing Roomba type of thing it would be doubly good!

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Bad Idea #12

We can track our packages, right? Why can’t we track the truck that has our package on it? I know that there are some trucks out there that have a GPS system on them that can be used by the company that owns/operates them to show where they are, why can we have access to that? 
We’d only need access if our package is on the truck and access gets cancelled once the package is delivered. Or have the delivery guy scan the next package he is delivering, that gives temporary access to the recipient, again once the package is delivered, access goes away.
I’m sitting here waiting for a package to arrive and the weather sucks, I would like to know when the truck is in the area delivering so I can be here to grab the package before it gets too wet. 
I have a dog who loves to bark when the doorbell rings, can’t I get a notification from the shipping company when the truck is within a few miles of my home so I can grab the package before the delivery guy can ring my doorbell and keep the god from waking up my kid? 
Let’s work this one out folks! 

Bad Idea? #11

Something for Instagram or Snapchat to think about. Geo-specific filters for the camera on your phone. 

Imagine you’re at the zoo taking pictures and you get to choose a filter showing you in the lion or monkey cage. Or if you are at a theme park and you could make your own souvenir picture. Maybe you are at your local sports stadium, again you could add your self to a team picture or add a team jersey or hat to your picture. 

We have the technology, let’s make it happen. 

Bad Idea? #10

Have you ever been reclined in a recliner and had your head at an uncomfortable angle. If you put a pillow behind your head it raises it up too much, if you put your hand/arm behind your head it’s close to the right height but leaves you in and uncomfortable position. 

Someone needs to make a recliner wedge. A piece of thick foam in the shape of a wedge that elevates you head to the point you want it. Make it customizable so it will fit any head, and attachable to the chair. 

Bad Idea? #8

How bout a cable box that learns your viewing habits, this way you won’t need a remote anymore. It knows that you watch Show X every week live and Show Y every week on your DVR after Show X, so it automatically tunes into Show X and then automatically plays Show Y right after. 

Bad Idea? #6

I hate that my super comfy recliner’s arms padding has lost its poofy comfyness. The same goes for the arms on my couch. We need a DIY in home device to refill the stuffing in arms of our couches and chairs. 

Something simple like a big syringe filled with stuffing that you can just jab into the arm. I could just go and buy a a new couch/chair but who has the money for that? Maybe package them in small 10 packs for arms and a larger size for the back rests and cushions. 

Bad Ideas? #5

I’ve been rewatching Daredevil on Netflix. If Disney ever decides to open a Marvel theme park and doesn’t have a consession stand in that park that sells Elecktra’s Nachos, I am goin to be very disappointed. 

They would have to be extra spicy with a good kick. They would need a red sauce of some kind and black beans, or maybe refried black beans. 

Someone should get to work on this.